Trauma Intervention Videos

Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event that has happened. Your experience with that event determines whether it is traumatic or not. Following the event, one may develop symptoms such as recurring distressing thoughts or dreams about the traumatic event or may even avoid certain people or places that may trigger thoughts about the event. If you are struggling with emotions, memories, or symptoms of trauma these intervention videos will be helpful for you to watch as they explore what processing through your trauma in therapy looks like. Therapists will explore ways for you to develop healthy coping skills, help you practice mindfulness, and work to resolve unpleasant feelings and memories. For clinicians these intervention videos can be helpful to learn how to work with clients who have experienced trauma and ways to address PTSD as well as ways to help clients accept, let go and increase their peace of mind. 

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Children and Teens

Counselors need to take a different approach to interventions that they use when working with children and adolescents as techniques that may work for adults may not be as successful for children...

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