Autism Intervention Videos

Autism is characterized by some degree of impaired social behavior and communication and is typically diagnosed in childhood that continues to persist into adulthood.  There are different levels of intellectual functioning in individuals with autism, which can impact how an individual completes daily activities. These intervention videos are aimed toward parents and caregivers who have or take care of a child with autism and focus on how to care for children with this condition and offer support for their development. If you are a clinician working with a client who has autism these videos can be helpful in teaching parents and caregivers skills to care for a child with autism, as well as help that autistic child build upon their strengths, and improve social and communication skills.

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When working with more than one individual in counseling, methods and interventions that are used can look very different from that of individual therapy...


For counselors it is imperative that they are knowledgeable on effective skills, and techniques to use when working with individual clients...

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