Sports Psychology Intervention Videos

Athlete’s at every level are susceptible to struggles with mental health issues whether that be feeling pressure to preform at a certain level, athletic injury and rehabilitation, to even athletic burnout. Athletes can also be affected by mental health related concerns such depression, grief and loss, substance use, and eating disorders. If you are an athlete who is experiencing struggles relating to athletic performance, and your identity as an athlete these videos are for you. These videos will walk through ways you can improve performance but also work with ways to prevent mental health problems with athletes. These videos can also be helpful for clinicians looking to learn more about sports psychology and techniques that can be used when working with clients seeking help for athletic related challenges.

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For counselors it is imperative that they are knowledgeable on effective skills, and techniques to use when working with individual clients... 


Family Interventions can be a useful tool to address family conflict and improve overall communication and interactions with other members...


When working with more than one individual in counseling, methods and interventions that are used can look very different from that of individual therapy...

Kids and Teens

Counselors need to take a different approach to interventions that they use when working with children and adolescents as techniques that may work for adults may not be as successful for children...

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